BikeVentura’s mission is to foster a safe, healthy community through bicycle-centered education, empowerment, and advocacy in Ventura County. Bicycling has many benefits to individual, community, and environmental health, and we’re working to remove barriers to bicycling and decrease car trips. Our mission is inherently an environmental one, but in carrying out our cause we can also be conscientious about the materials and resources we use.

Our bike repair education center, The HUB, is in itself a recycling center. People donate their old bikes, bike parts, clothing, and accessories to the HUB, where we rebuild or repurpose as much material as we can and get it back into the community. We are committed to using natural, plant-based oils and lubricants for our mechanic work whenever possible. That which we can’t use will be disposed of in the most environmentally conscious way – for example the metal scrap will be recycled, and old clothes will be used for shop rags.

With our small staff it will be easy to maintain environmental policies through simple directives:

  • Always recycle paper, metal, and other materials that can be recycled.
  • Dispose of all electronic waste, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and hazardous waste like paint and flammable liquids, properly.
  • Use only third party certified cleaning products. When you purchase new products, look for a Green Seal or EcoLogo certification.
  • When we reorder printer paper, choose a product that is either 100% recycled, or FSC Certified with at least 30% post-consumer waste recycled content
  • Buy toilet paper and paper towels with at least 30% post-consumer waste.

There are numerous other efforts that we are undertaking to be environmentally excellent that are ingrained into our daily routines and efforts. But as times change, we will revisit this policy annually to see if anything needs to be added.

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